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lift accessed freeriding

St Anton snowboard guide?

Off piste snowboarding accessed by lift is a luxury. Snowboarding off piste in the Arlberg with the Black Sheep is like being a kid in the candy store! The Arlberg is known for its large quantities of powder and its variety in off piste routes. You can jump off the chair and can get yourself into the most versatile off piste terrain you want to get as a snowboarder. The Arlberg is known for its tree runs, flowy meadows, and big mountain runs. We have had many international guests, and professional athletes before that have been snowboarding all over the world. Riding with the Black Sheep in the Arlberg has been a highlight for them.

Together with your private freeride guide, you get to choose the best and most fun runs in St Anton that are safe and fit your type of snowboarding. Going off-piste is a risky business; you can minimalize the risk with a professional Black Sheep guide. Safety and route knowledge is even more critical for snowboarders than for skiers because we are less mobile. Some people say skiing is a better tool, and we know that! For us, it is not just a tool, but it is about the pleasure we get from freeriding in deep powder.

As a snowboarder, we have to plan our route even further ahead, choose the terrain accordingly and keep momentum. That’s why we get to hear so many times that it is so much more fun to snowboard with a professional snowboard guide. You will be surprised with the excellent snow we will find for you even after a long drought.

freeride guide arlberg
The guide shows you where you can ride the best powder, shot by Michiel Rotgans

Let me guide you

Let me know what you want. Everybody has their own wishes and ideas; I am here to make it happen! Below are just a few ideas to help you out.

  • Is it snowboarding the best powder off piste and have the time of your life?
  • Would you like to learn more about snowsafety and strategic decision making?
  • Do you need an off piste introduction and learn more about off piste techniques?
  • Do you want some serious steep terrain and couloir training for though conditions?
  • Do you want to make bigger sprays?
  • Do you want to learn more about line choice?
  • Do you need advice on your stance?

St Anton off piste snowboard guide for 1/2 day


  • 3 hours of freeriding

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €30,-

  • pack with shovel, probe and transceiver 15,- per set*

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St Anton off piste snowboard guide for 1 day


  • 6 hours of freeriding

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €40,-

  • pack with shovel, probe and transceiver 15,- per set*

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Freeride guide for 1 day on flexible location


  • 6 hours of freeriding

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €40,-

  • pack with shovel, probe and transceiver 15,- per set*

  • travel expenses guide additional

  • lift-ticket guide additional

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*shovel, probe and transceiver is minimum safety equipment. A helmet is strongly recommended!

freeride guide arlberg
Avalanche rescue is a group process

Avalanche and snowsafety training

Safety is our highest priority. Before you can ride off piste, you need to be trained accordingly. We teach you how to work with a transceiver, a probe and a shovel. The minimum time we need for this training is 10 minutes. Generally depending on group size, you can do a proper done training in the safety area of Rendl within 20 minutes.

During a regular day we will brief you in the morning about the current Avalanche bulletin and teach you how to interpret these signs we get from the snow deck, wind, temperatures and observations from previous events. There are many factors that influence our decisions, we take you along in our decisions and teach you how to move strategically and safely in and out of the off piste.

Would you like to learn even more about the cohesion of snow layers? We regularly dig snow profiles and keep track of them; we can show you how this works teach you how to do compression tests. This is a perfect way to spend time when the weather is not so great for example.

We know Arlberg like the back of our hand!

Off the lift freeriding in the Arlberg is very popular within reason. Arlberg has a fantastic network of lifts and infrastructure that make it possible to make many good runs in a day. To enjoy the unridden powder you have to be one step ahead of the herds.

We know exactly where we need to go, at what time and which part of the season to let you ride the best snow for your bucks. This is a massive advantage; these are tactics that give us the best chances of riding the best snow. This knowledge comes after of years snowboarding in the Arlberg.

We boost your stoke level & skills
Pleasure is key for us
We make the best out of all conditions
Freeriding is our speciality
freeride guide arlberg
Arlberg spines for breakfast, captured by Timo Hermeler
freeride guide arlberg
Jeremy Jones knows what these alternative boards are capable off

The evolution of alternative snowboardshapes

A snowboard used to have a nose and a tail and a twin-ish shape for a long time. Finally, the snowboard industry has realized that these freestyle inspired boards are kind of tame. The characteristics weren’t optimized for snowboarding off piste and deep snow. Some of these alternative freeride shapes also work well on the pistes. Some people used to call these alternative shapes "Learn to ride" powder snowboards.

Our snowboardschool is working closely with Jones snowboards to develop these surf-inspired and powder- shapes. For a lot of snowboarders, these shapes have considerable benefits to float better in powder snow so you can stay fit throughout the day. Your back leg is relieved from carrying all the weight. It will make turning a little different than what you are used to, but you will be sold from the first moment.

You can bring your alternative freeride snowboard, or we bring you one of our Jones Quiver. We can learn how to relocate your weight and adjust your snowboard technique onto these great shapes.

We also teach no-boarding (a snowboard without bindings) and bring you to where the snow is deep enough. No- boarding is only possible when the snow is really really deep.

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